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If you’re just beginning your search of the area, there are other points of interest you might appreciate being in the know on.

Welcome to The Renters Guide Albany, the #1 source for searching and finding apartments for rent in Albany NY and the greater Capital Region for over 25 years.

Regardless of whether you’re a native of the 518 area code or just moving to the Capital District of NY you can find the apartment in Albany NY that fits your needs.

A townhome or townhouse style apartment is characterized by a complex of semi-detached houses that share at least one wall.

Many townhouse apartments in Albany have multiple floors and their own outside door to the apartment which can make them feel much more like your own home than just a regular apartment can.

There are a number of websites with tips for teaching FTMs how to pass, and I encourage you to read all that you can find. It wasn't enough for me just to be a dude -- I wanted to be a hot dude. I've been dressing like a dude since I was about 20, and on testosterone since I was 22. I have a deep and abiding interest in men's fashion.This page is intended to supplement rather than supplant them, because I don't cover the basics and they don't go far enough. (I blogged about the process here, if anyone wants to know more.) I'm a vain little beastie; looking good is important to me, more than it is to most cisguys, which I attribute directly to transsexual body image insecurity. I subscribe to men's fashion magazines, surf fashion blogs, and have read Alan Flusser from cover to cover. If you wear a sack, you won't get clocked -- but you won't get laid either. This is not about passing, specifically; this is about looking good. I'm a female-to-male transsexual, to be clinical about it, currently 30 years old.As a result they tend to have a wide-open and very spacious feel.Loft apartments in Albany tend to have exposed components like piping, ventilator tubes, wood beams, etc which give them a unique feel.Whether you need a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom apartment or bigger in Albany we’ve got you covered.