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Convalidating catholic marriage

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Kingslei, who was Baptist, is also going through RCIA classes to join the Church.The steps are almost identical to marriage prep, but the focus is to make sure the couple understands Catholic marriage.“We always have unique circumstances and that’s what I really appreciate about our marriage ministry — we try to meet them where they are and there’s flexibility within that,” Reha said. “It was not anything we worked ourselves up for, it was open arms,” said 29-year-old Kingslei Lisko. We thought it was going to be a lecture and it wasn’t.“Sometimes I think people look at the marriage preparation process of the Catholic Church to be a bunch of hoop jumping, which implies to me that they jump through the same hoops, but they don’t. She and her husband Dylan, 25, are currently going through the convalidation process at Sts. Through this whole process our marriage has strengthened.” The Church does not recognize a marriage of a baptized Catholic who was married outside of the Church without proper dispensations.The class is only required for couples in child-bearing years.• If everything is completed and a couple is in canonical compliance, they can then set a wedding date.If a previous marriage does not canonically meet the requirements of the Church to be considered invalid, a convalidation cannot occur.

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The steps to a convalidation are almost identical to marriage preparation, as the same marriage rite is given for both.

“We spend a little more time on personal reflection as a couple and less time on the nuts and bolts of the finances and those types of things,” Reha said.

“We want to make sure their marriage is in a stable situation and that they have an understanding that this is going to be a grace given them that is beyond what they’ve experienced before and that this also sets up the longevity of ’til death do you part even at a more serious perception and that they understand that their investment to the Church requires more than just a stamp of approval.” While the Church does not recognize a civil marriage of a Catholic, a couple may find it hard to celebrate two wedding anniversaries.

We had talked about it, we knew that we didn’t do it right; we knew we were missing a huge piece to not do it in a church, our church.” In January 2016, the couple spoke with their pastor about getting their sons baptized.

Today, the couple is waiting on her declaration of nullity for a previous marriage and has been taking the steps toward convalidation.