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In 1968, at the age of 6 months, Albarn was a "testing expert" for designs for educational aids and toys for children including fiberglass furniture and play-structures fancifully called "The Kissmequiosk"."The Apollo Cumfycraft" and "The Tailendcharlie" produced by his father's company "Keith Albarn & Partners Ltd" under the trade-name of "Playlearn, Ltd." When Albarn was nine years old, his family took a holiday trip to Turkey for three months before settling in Aldham, Essex, an area described by Albarn as "one of those burgeoning Thatcher experiments where they were building loads of small estates".The population of the area was predominantly white as opposed to the ethnically mixed part of London which he had become used to.

"I play them all the stuff that I've got."That's often a healthy heap of music: the Britpop star has long taken a workmanlike approach to his craft, spreading his musical wings wide with an assortment of solo projects, reunion tours with Blur, extravagant musicals and devoting himself to studying West African music.

Albarn however says he's loath to ever force the issue when it comes to bringing other artists into the fold. Hewlett began constructing the technology-assisted visuals for the forthcoming tour before the album was completed, but, he notes, "everything is driven by the music." Albarn is constantly toying with how to enhance the band's live experience.

"It's not a 100 percent hit rate at all," he explains. "I suppose in my dreams I would have a brass section and dancers as well," he says of his ideal Gorillaz stage show, "but I'm already carrying over 15 musicians (on tour) and that would take it into an almost prohibitive cost. "Luckily a lot of people want to come see us, so that really helps. I do sometimes look at Ed Sheeran," who performs by himself and use triggers and loops to simulate a full band, "and think, 'Why don't I do that?

He is the lead singer of the British rock band Blur and co-founder, vocalist, instrumentalist, and principal songwriter of the virtual band Gorillaz.

Albarn is also part of two supergroups, one usually known as The Good, the Bad & the Queen, although it is stated that they are officially unnamed, and another named Rocket Juice & the Moon.