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Validating form data in javascript

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Another common approach in Java Script-intensive web database applications is to write two sites: one that uses Internet Explorer Java Script and another that uses Netscape Navigator Java Script.The short examples in this section implement common Java Script web database features, and we recommend that Java Script be used only for these simple manipulations and the basic validation tasks.Without the list of properties that are included, the default new window has no Location box, no toolbars, no scrollbars, and can't be resized: it's an evil console!Java Script highlights annoying differences in support of standard features by different browsers.Before we begin, you must understand that this type of data input validation is no substitute for server-side validation.Without server-side validation, you are trusting the user and whatever tools they are using to make sure input is valid.

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Having said that, adding features that are helpful is desirable.if you want to display the warnings on load (and have them go away immediately when corrected), but I think it’s bad UX to show warnings and errors before the user has even started typing.Every developer knows how complex and tricky form validation can be. On this article I will share our approach on how to perform form validation.Client-side validation with (or any other Java Script library/framework) should be used in addition to, not instead of it.I’ll also mention that many modern browsers have client-side validation built-in by using HTML attributes such as (but not limited to) However, not all browsers support this and all of them behave differently.On this approach, we took advantage of the constraint validation API to perform validations.